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December 04, 2006

happy monday!

Hi everyone, how was your weekend?

I had a busy one.

Saturday , I started " oosouji ", which means general cleaning. Its a common thing here to clean everything during midyear and before the year ends. And it means cleaning especially the parts of the home which you dont clean everyday. I started with my closet. Keep all the remaining summer and autumn clothes in plastic boxes. Replacing them with heavy winter clothes....uhhh, how tiring ! Then the bedroom and our chaotic desks

Time to discard clothes that you dont wear anymore too.

I was too tired saturday that I over-overslept on Sunday. Its our regulation to sleep until midday during Sunday's , but I always wake up before hubby. About 10 , coz a housewife has to prepare food even when its a sunday. But yesterday ...I slept until 12 noon. Ohmigosh!!

After our very simple lunch, we went out shopping for car accesories. Hubby bought a car navigation for me and a camera to be installed at the rear ( for parking) , and an engine starter for both of our cars. ( yeah, yeah I have a car already ^_~, its more of a neccesity than luxury really ) Engine starters are important here coz every morning , my hubby has to go down in the cold to start his car and turn on the heater coz its like inside a fridge if you wont heat the car beforehand. With the engine starter, he can start the car even from our apartment....hi-tech no?!

Anyway , it started snowing yesterday. It snowed from time to time a few days back but it didn't cover the ground. Yesterday , Akita City was all white again .

Went to the biggest mall in the city , just to window shop! ( I have some ideas what to buy na when hubby receive his bonus , heheheheheheheh! And we had a lovely dinner in a new resto.

Hubby's dinner ...400 grams of hamburger steak......masiba " kuishimbo ".

My dessert , chocolate cake and maple cinammon cappucino.., yummy ! Oh , and I am supposed to be dieting , yaiks !! Hub had strawberry milk shake and ice cream even if its winter. Grabe !

This morning , I woke up earlier than usual. My hubby has to leave about minutes early than usual too, because of the slippery roads. Be careful hubby.

Well, gotta go. Gotta continue with my osouji.

Have a nice day to all !!

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December 01, 2006

missing me

Hi everybody?
Was a bit busy with school and some other stuff so I had no time to update. Sorry!

I wonder if I was missed ..^~^; ?! Maybe ,hehe!


I like to quote quotes, funny english huh! Some I look up on the net while some I hear from people I see persnally or on tv.

Today I want to share with you a quote from a wealthy woman restaurateur here in Japan.
Got this when I saw her being interviewed.
" I live a glamorous life , but not in Image hosted at bigoo
a luxurious way ! "

What can you say about this !?

Moi ? Baffled because for me being glamorous is equals to being luxurious.
How about you ?

Ahhhh, I can never understand celebrities.

Especially Britney Spears, her uhhhh! Her crotch photos are scattered on the net,yaiks!! How gross!
What happened to that not a girl , not yet a woman but now.... upcoming porno queen?

Have a nice weekend everyone and promise to visit your blogs this weekend!


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