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November 21, 2006

tulog na...

" Perhaps I am a bear , or some hibernating animal underneath , for the instinct to be half-asleep all winter is so strong in me ! "

10:50 p.m

I should really be in bed !

Since its bedtime, lets talk about bedtime habits .MySpace images

Here's mine ...

* I always read a book before sleeping , that way I won't be able to think. Sometimes I wake up still holding a book , heheh!

* I always sleep facing the sides. Not always but I realize I dream bad things when I sleep face up. When I was still a silly little girl, I always slept facing the right side coz I believed that left stands for evil. ^_^ *baliw*

* Sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night because I worry that I didn't finish praying .

* It takes me 2~3 visits to the c.r. before I finally sleep.

* I can't sleep without my 'tandayan' , I have a huge hello kitty pillow as my tandayan now. Sometimes hubby complains kasi he said our bed is good for 2 not for 3, hahahah!
When I was still a " soltera " , I had 4 pillows . One on every side, one for my sleepy head and the other for my feet.

* I'm a pyjama person. Does that make me less " seductive " to hubby?! I don't care, comfort comes first to me. During summer , I love to wear hubby's boxer shorts to sleep. Again hubby complains na lumuluwag daw yung shorts niya ....because I have a " malaking puwet ". Walang sinabi yan sa puwet ni bee !

How about you, please share naman your " kakaibang " nocturnal habits. Curious me !
Anyway , let me present to you my " favorite " pyjama.

I had this for almost 14 years ... manipis na siya. Faded and marami ng maliliit na butas but hindi ko pa rin siyang kayang itapon. I think I'll be wearing this 'til I'm 50 !!

Well folks , good night to y'all.

Will be visiting your blogs tomorrow ! *ciao*

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November 14, 2006

malamig na ...brrrrrr!

Kumusta everyone ! Balita ko may bagyo na naman sa atin. Dito rin, the weather is very bad lately. Last week a small neighborhood was destroyed by a " tornado " somewhere in Hokkaido. 9 people lost their lives beause it was all so sudden, they didn't have time to escape. Who would have thought that a twister would come. Experts said that its the first time that such a huge twister occured here in Japan. Nakakatakot ! Our apartment is very old so this would easily be blown away. Huwag naman sana.
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Anyway, what have I been up to? The usual...work and housework. Last saturday and sunday we went to my in-laws home to get our winter clothes. We stack them at the folk's house because our apartment is very small and so is the cabinets. Ang kakapal pa naman ng mga coats , parka's , jackets at kung ano-ano pa na panlaban sa lamig. This is one thing na nahihirapan me dito sa Japan. Because of the differnt seasons, masyadong maraming damit. Different clothes for every season ,eh. Not only costly but also needs lots of room. Then pagnagpapalit ng season , tinatago yung hindi na maisuot. And vice-versa...matrabaho. Pag nagka-bahay na kami kailangan may walk-in closet ako na pagkalaki-laki. ( add that to my wishlist )


Its very cold outside ... and its not yet winter. Maulan pa palagi...nakakatamad. Yesterday a friend called me for help. I didn't want to go out but " sino pa ba ang magtutulungan di ba....kundi kami rin na mga expats. Anyway, her 2 lovely chikitings , maya and takuya


caught a virus. Vomiting and diarhhea, poor little fellas. Spent the whole day at a kiddie hospital. I was too tired to cook dinner na so we went ate out na lang.

Then today.....nahawa yata ako. Since this morning...I've been a frequent visitor to the "inudoro " ( sorry if you are eating, hehehe)! Medyo nananakit ang aking mga buto-buto at likuran. Hayyyy, I have classes pa naman this thursday and friday.

Kaya kayo, ingat sa trangkaso. Malamig na kasi................brrrrrrrrrr!!

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November 07, 2006

daily photo blogging

Howdie everyone !
11:45 and I'm still hooked up with my pc. I've been experimenting with photoshop for hours and I still dont know how to use its features. Nakakainis !

Anyway, this post is about my daily photo blog. Thanks for peeking occasionally there too.
Akita Daily Photo is very dear to me. It is my very first blog. I enjoyed reading nice blogs and one day I thought to start my own. But I don't know what theme, since my life isn't really exciting to talk about. One day I came upon a daily photo blog. I can't remember which one and ever since I've been roaming around the world. I found out that Eric of Paris is the originator and big cities followed through. It wasn't even a month and I found myself e-mailing Eric telling him I would like to join the gang and so Akita Daily Photo was born.

I started February of this year and I've been posting daily since then. Oh , I went on a hiatus for a few weeks though. It was a difficult time for me. The truth came upon me with a bang...daily posting is not easy. And add to it , I must also have new pictures regularly. Reluctant and sad as I was I decided to say goodbye. Even made another photo blog that was not on a daily basis.

Then Denton of Greenville U.S.A e-mailed me to propose that he would like to host ADP using Wordpress. That way I can draft future posts that will automatically appear on my blog on the date I desire. I immediately said yes and so ADP was resurrected. There is still pressure to go out and take photos, and sometimes there are day's that I really don't feel like opening my pc but.... I endure. Why?

I made new friends thru this daily photo. People who share the same passion meet here (virtually ) and the daily photo bloggers are really nice people. No one uses bad or foul language in their comments. And most especially I get to see many places. Some I didn't even know exist. And also the other members make tools and widgets to make things easier for us. There is even a tool that automatically updates our links everytime a new member comes along. We also have a DP forum where we can leave messages to each other, make suggestions and even a voting panel for monthly themes. Isn't that nice?

I got postcards from 2 of my fellow dp bloggers Edwin of Kuala Lumpur, a stage actor and Lisi of Hongkong.

We have also been recognized . Eric and other members from big cities have even been interviewed by their local tv or radio. Paris Daily and London Daily have been articled in the "metroplitan magazine " of new york. Sebastien of Trier have been asked by his local tv station to put up a photo segment in the news explaining his photos . Wow, I wonder if ADP would reach the attention of the locals. There's a little problem , my posts are written in english. But my blog comes up now on search engines so I'm happy.

If you want to take a tour without leaving your seat , visit this map.

Now , now dont think that I don't have the same feeling for my ate cha blog. This is also special to me. I can express myself openly here and I've met " you " too.

Have a nice day everyone, and sorry if I bore you with my blabbering!

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November 01, 2006

teenage suicides

There is an alarming rise of teenage suicides here in Japan. These past few weeks alone, 3 cases were unfolded on the news. 2 highschool girls and 1 boy ended their young lives . One even commiting the act in the comfort room of her school. It was on the news again, just a few minutes ago.

Why ?, would be your first question. Yes, why did these young people put an end to their young and full of potential life?

Sadness and anger is what I'm feeling right now , and I think so would anyone when they learn the reason of these horrible deaths.

" Bullying ! "
For many mundane reasons , young people are being bullied by their classmates, their supposed to be friends and in one case even a teacher. Isn't that sad?? I dont usually feel pity for people but these cases that I hear daily on tv wrecks my nerve and even now as I'm typing this my eyes are beginning to water.

I see children , talk with them ...even play with them always and I can't help but imagine that in the near future one of these kids would end his life , or would be the cause of someones pain and suicide.

These are not just isolated cases ! There's really been a rise of teenage suicides that it even reach the higher government levels. It has been discussed by the diet ( prime minister and his underlings ). Adults are baffled and at loss. Teachers are being blamed. No wonder because some schools here deny that their students are " bullies ". Parents try to cover up their childrens misgivings too.

I tried to recall my own school life and I admit that there were bullies at my school. But they were just small time pranksters compared to the bullies here ...nowadays.
Imagine having to endure sneers and malicious whispers everyday in school. One girl wrote in her suicide note that she was called " kimochi warui ", which means that the person saying it gets sick just by looking at her face.

This is my plea to all , I say all because each and everyone has a responsibility.

To parents ...
I am not in a position to reprimand parents since I'm not even one yet and dont have experience raising a child. But...., I beg you all not only to teach good habits, manners and morals to your kids but be very watchful and cautious too. Be very aware of what your child is doing in school, what kind of children he is friends with. Children are ashamed or even afraid to speak up to their parents and as adults we should be alert to sudden changes , uncommon behaviours in our children. Parent...your child might be bullying someone or the other way around.

To teachers...
Children look up to you , they believe that you are their heroes ready to help and save them in their dilemas. When someone comes to you complaining he is the target of bullies, please listen. The news declared that most of the teengers who ended their lives at one point went to see their teachers and talked about their situation. But the teachers just promised that they will look into the matter but didn't really do anything. Didn't even investigate. In one case , the class adviser was even the first to call his student names which led to the whole class joining in and bullying the boy.

In another case , a mother noticed her child crying after school so she went to the teacher for help. 4 days later this girl hanged herself in her room.

To children....
Please , please dont hurt someones feeling. You might think its just a joke or that you really dont like that person but still don't...don't say or do something that will hurt. Not everyone is a strong person , not all can cope. Please be kind and nice even to those you do not like.


I'm sorry this is not a happy post. I just feel I have to say something.
Have a nice day everybody!

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