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September 30, 2006


I got tagged by kikaygal but before I answer that meme let me just give you a roundup of whats been keeping me busy...in case your interested that is.

Actually nothing much aside from the teaching thing and the trying to be a good wifey thing. Oh and well, I revived my daily photo blog. It was my very first blog and so its dear to me and Im so happy I can now do it without the presssure of posting everyday. Thanks to a good friend...denton and to wordpress!! Wow , imagine having friends through the net. I'm so honored really to belong to this ever growing group of city daily photo blogging. And I'm happy for having you guys visiting me here too. Although I must admit this is not a very exciting blog to read, hehehe (*~* ).

Oh what else...oh yes I've been to see my doctor, ob-gyne to be precise after 2 months. You've guessd it! I need the experts help with my reproduction. I'm not getting any younger y'know and the chances are getting slimmer everyday.

I also went to the immigration office. If my husband didn't mention it, I would have forgotten to apply for an extension to stay. My goodness, how irresponsible I can be. That's one hazard of being an alien. I should apply for a permanent visa next year.

Now let me get to that meme. Kikaygal asked me to list down 7 songs from my playlist.

* bad day ...by Daniel Powter , its even my ringing tune for hubby
* amarantine...enya , did you know that amarantine is a name of a flower?
* sumiregusa....enya , this is also a name of a flower, in japanese. Enya sings in english and in
gaelic but dont be mistaken, this is japanese.
* somebody's hero ...by country singer Jamie O'neal. This song makes you think of the people that have affected you in a good way!
* lullaby...loreena mcKennitt. She sings me to sleep.
* question of honor....sarah brightman
* regresa mi...il divo

Guess you know now what kind of music I like, huh ! Honestly I dont listen to pop much so I dont know whats new. I'm into soft country , contemporary alternative , folk songs , classic and celtic ! My sister bee calls my music...pampatulog.

Hope you are all having a nice weekend!!

Oh and I'm tagging my sis..yuhuu bee!
And hope you dont mind, maiylah. Not because I somehow have to tag someone but because I'm really interested to know what music you like!

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September 14, 2006

wife matters ...1

Wives are expected to be .... wives !

And what do wives do ?
Of course I dont have to tell coz I think that even non-wives who read this blog would know.

Aside from the never-ending tasks at home , some of us have secular jobs too and yet even if we are tired from that we can't make it an excuse for not preparing food for our dear , lord ...of the house.

That is just the way it is...cheers for all the housewives!!

this post isn't about my being a great wife at all...no ma'dear I ain't nothin' like that !

I am a vocal person, if I'm tired or yet....tinatamad I tell my hubby.
When he calls just before leaving the office....yes sisters he does...always,
I hint to him that I 'M tired and I dont wanna cook.

If he is not too tired, he volunteers to cook our dinner...oh yes, dear hubby is a good cook, better than me sometimes !
( he worked part-time at a restaurant during his college days)

Minsan, tinatamaan ako ng hiya if he said he's cooking....so pinipilit ko magluto.

and this is my favorite part ...

is when he asks...

" ok, why don't we eat out tonight ?? "

Siempre , tuwang -tuwa naman me !!


A few nights back was one of those nights!!
We were also both in the mood for something different, went driving looking for a place we haven't been to yet . Near the station we saw this place that says's it specializes on
" hormones" .. thats what japanese call the innards...or laman-loob.
Kung baga sa tin...isaw.

So we went in and what we saw surprised us ...delighted us.
Outside was just an ordinary looking resto but step inside and...

'twas like being transported back to post war era...
the place was designed as if your were not actually inside a building but an outside bistro .

......the sign say's

" life's back road ."

The posters hung everywhere where all from the 50's and 60's , all so

old yet somewhat homely ,too !

We were seated on an old train converted into a dining room for couples ....
and here was my view....

....parang may sari-sari store pa on the stations platform

kuno.... but actually thats the kitchen .

And so what did we have....

ano pa kundi ...

barbecued innards ...

laman-loob + grilled vegetables !!

The food was okay... the price reasonable ...the atmosphere , ambience the feel of the place was hmmm..., in japanese we would say natsukashii,
nostalgic !
all picture'S taken by my mobile phone

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September 08, 2006

hot lazy friday

Hi ! I was hoping you'd find your way here. Was so annoyed with the pop-ups in my old blog ( I deleted it a few seconds ago ) , so I decided to make this new one. This time I promise to be careful with what I add in here . Anyway , you are welcome again to vist and comment though I think this blog isn't really worth visiting ...kinda boring blog ,eh!


What have I been doing?
Nothing but the usual , ano pa.

* wake up @ 6:30 a.m to make obento 'baon' for hubby

* watch the morning news while sipping something hot , sometimes malamig na tubig lang

* hilata sa sofa ... pag walang class to attend

* kumain pag nagutom

* pag nagsawa na sa morning tv, buksan ang pc

* check my e-mails and yahoo news

* pag nasa mood, check out your blog ...and mine na rin
checking if there's a kind soul who left me a note or comment ( smile )
* listen to internet radio while...

doing the household chores....hayyyyy!!

The afternoon ay tatamad -tamad pa rin.
Like now, I should be folding my dry laundry pero inuna ko pa ito.

Ano kaya maluto ngayon gabi???
opps, I have to defrost na my chicken....

thats it !! Im cooking chicken...curry tonight.
hmmn, yummy ...lagot na naman ang diet ko.MySpace Layouts

Have a nice weekend everyone !!!!!

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